The Beauty Changes Lives Experience is a top industry event that raises funds for Beauty Changes Lives scholarships. The BCLE is usually held around America’s Beauty Show in Chicago and has featured runway nail looks from several of the past NTNA finalists and winners.

This year’s BCLE will be taking place April 10, so to pay tribute, we invited this week’s contestants to select a past BCLE theme and give us their interpretation of that theme on a set of 10 nails. They had to choose from the following: Limitless, Art of Prediction, Shout Your Beauty, and Trilogy of Beauty (streetwear, underground, avant garde). Because BCLE is usually a runway event, these MUST be runway nails complete with extreme shapes and 3-D art.

The finished look should be photographed on two hands against a white background. In their video diary, contestants were asked to explain why they chose this particular theme and their techniques for these nails, as well as how beauty changed their life.