We want to see a colorful manicure inspired by the patterns in KUPA’s Color Sleeve collection. These colorful sleeves can be changed out to add personality to your MANIPro Glo Lamp. Color Sleeves come in the following designs: Cheetah, Phantom, Mermaid, Pixie, Prince, Princess, Unicorn, Candy Apple, Moonlight Unicorn, and Rose. For this challenge, we ask that the Top 11 choose one of these themes to illustrate on five nail tips. Art should be flat (no 3-D elements) and should be painted using as many colors as possible. Because Color Sleeves are interchangeable, we ask that contestants select an additional theme from the designs above and create another 5 tips with hand painted art (no 3-D elements) depicting this theme with as many colors as possible. These two sets of tips should be interchangeable, meaning a client or model could wear tips from either set and still have a cohesive manicure.

The winner will not be selected purely based on who uses the most colors, but keep in mind, this should be a colorful manicure.

We asked for one final photo with one set of 5 tips against a white background and another photo with the other set of 5 against a white background. An additional photo of one hand wearing 5 tips that are a mix of both collections was also required to show the interchangeability of these sets.

A video diary discussing inspiration, technique, and showing the interchangeability of these nails was required as well.