CND’s nail innovations span from past to present, to future. Futur-Forms were the first aluminum nail sculpting forms which provided the perfect C curve under any natural nail. This innovation was ahead of its time in that it was reusable and helped create thin, natural looking enhancements. Today, CND forms continue to help nail pros build beautiful gel and L&P enhancements.

To honor CND’s game-changing nail products, we asked the Top 10 to create a futuristic nail look on 10 nails. Because this challenge pays tribute to the nail form, nails must be sculpted using Brisa, PlexiGel, or L&P as well as CND forms. Since Futur-Forms were aluminum and many forms today are metallic in color, this set must consist of metallic colors ONLY in addition to black and white.

To make these futuristic nails even more over the top, we asked that contestants use CND Over the Top Effects somewhere in the design along with CND No Wipe Top Coat. We are looking for a futuristic, over the top, metallic nail design.

This week’s video diaries should show us how at least one nail was sculpted as well as the C-curve. The judges asked to see a separate TikTok video or IG Reel showing us the usage of Over the Top Effects.