At NTNA we love to ask the question, “Where do you go after you grow?” Once this competition is over, we expect to see big things from our finalists. For the finale challenge of Season 9, we want to see what the plans are for our Top 3’s post NTNA life.

On a set of 10 nail tips, contestants had to show us how they will be a leader, mentor, and how they plan on changing lives after NTNA. We want to see BIG nails and BIG plans, so play with large scale and 3-D art. Contestants were allowed to use any mediums they’d like to complete this challenge.

In addition to the video diary and write-up, contestants were also asked to complete a LIVE Master Class on CND’s Instagram page.  

The winner of this challenge wins the entire competition, including $8,000, a trophy, and the title of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist!