For the first Last Chance Design Lab challenge of Season 9, Anna Phan and Ewa Borkowska are going head-to-head to see who will be staying in the competition.

CND’s Jan Arnold will select her favorite look.

All Last Chance challenges are done on a single nail tip. Contestants are also asked to describe their looks. There are no other elements to this battle.

CND Last Chance #1: Iconic Color

CND’s Shellac and Vinylux color collections are known for their vivid, on-trend shades. For the first Last Chance challenge of this season, choose the name of a CND shade and bring it to life on a single nail tip with 3-D artwork. The artwork MUST feature the shade you have selected.

Here are their entries:



I decided to pick CND Oceanside. As a child in Vietnam, my parents would take me and my siblings to the beach. I love playing in the sands and spent many hours swimming in the ocean. I love walking in the sand and splashing in the ocean. The CND Oceanside colour reminds me of my childhood. The color represents an idealistic view of the beautiful blue ocean cresting over the sand and the ocean is full of life.

My design shows a pair of dolphins surfing the waves and a sea turtle drifting in the vast ocean. The ocean also provides us with beautiful pearls which are also represented. As the waves approach the shoreline, I try to show the wave crests and touching the sands. On the shore, a child playing and her sandal and a beach umbrella is nearby. Therefore, I try to capture Oceanside from the depth of the ocean to the fun loving shoreline.

To create my design, I used CND Shellac in Oceanside, Among the Marigolds, Mind Over Matcha, Gala Girl, Brink Knit, Bellini, Radiant Chill, Black and White. I also used CND Plexigel: Porcelain, Spiced Taffy and Milky Mauve. In addition, CND Brisa Sculpting Gel: Pure Pink, Pure White and Clear.

We need to protect the ocean for future generations to enjoy. The ocean is full of life from dolphins, sea turtles and many other animals. The dolphins and Sea Turtles are endangered species which are the results of over fishing and loss of habitat. If we don’t take care of the ocean then there might not be one to enjoy.



I decided to make something that resembles my favorite part of nail art: the face. Blue is my favorite color, so I chose blue Eye Shadow varnish. After I painted it on the tips, I covered the top with no wipe and waited to create my face with acrylic. When the face had all the elements ready and the acrylic was dry, I painted the figure with varnish and covered the top with matte. Later I added sparkling glasses and lipstick separately.

And the winner is…Ewa!

Here is what Jan Arnold had to say about Ewa’s nail:

“Yes, dynamic color, beautifully sculpted and unique facial features.  Love it. This nail screams Blue Eyeshadow!”

This means that Ewa will go head-to-head with the finalist eliminated in Challenge #3, to be determined tomorrow! Congrats Ewa!