For the final Last Chance challenge of Season 9, Amberley is going up against Nancy for a shot at the finale and a trip to Orlando.

CND’s Jan Arnold will select her favorite look.

All Last Chance challenges are done on a single nail tip. Contestants are also asked to describe their looks. There are no other elements to this battle.

CND Last Chance #9:  Winner’s Circle

For eight years the winners of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist have pushed the limits of nail art and brought new techniques to the table. To determine who will move on to the all-important finale, our final Last Chance Challenge is inspired by our eight past winners. Create your dream NTNA trophy on a single nail tip. You can use whatever mediums you’d like, but you MUST use a technique or style inspired by a previous winner. In your write-up explain which NTNA winner’s style or technique inspired your trophy and why you belong in the finale.

Here are their entries:


Here we are the last and final Last Chance Design Lab! For this nail we were asked to create our dream NTNA Trophy. I was inspired by Giselle Caballero’s technique that she used on her New York set to build her buildings. I used this technique to create the base of my Trophy. I Felt she is a great inspiration as she had been eliminated and got back into the top 3 and won.

I used acrylic and plexigel to build the 3D elements. My dream Trophy of course had to include hands with a classic red nail. I included polish bottles in the primary and secondary colors. When I made the decision to join the competition I did it to step out of my box and challenge myself to compete. Never did I think I’d make it this far. I now know I have what it takes. I also wanted constructive criticism from my fellow peers to better myself as an artist. This competition has taught me what my weaknesses are and my strengths. Before this I would find myself obsessing over the art of nails not necessarily thinking of it as a job. I finally got the opportunity to fulfill the art I always wanted to create and will continue to do so. It’s such a therapeutic process and I enjoy how my brain can break down ideas and make such tiny pieces of art from any medium. I’ve always been humble about my work and never give myself enough credit. This as well has taught me that you can still be humble and confident. I would consider myself an underdog in the competition but that won’t stop me from proving to myself that with determination I will rise to the top. My tenacious personality won’t allow me to give up. This is why I believe I deserve to be in the top 3.

I would like to thank CND and Kupa for all the amazing products as well as all the judges for their feedback. No matter the results I will continue striving to be a better me everyday and hopefully inspire others too. Anything is possible with great determination.


It was Tracey Lee’s designs that inspired me to take part in this contest. Of course, I am going to choose her to be my country buddie. I also want to mention that all previous winners had incredible skills, I saw many amazing things. For me, Tracey did amazing things with her products and showed me how to create nail art with many different products. I like the steampunk colors and also the recycling part with the plastic bottles, and I will use this as well. My salon will shine perfectly with this award at the moment. I will wear them as a token of appreciation. Because it can also be used as a brooch.

I deserve to make it to the finals! I did listen to the feedback from every judge because I have a great deal to learn from every touch point… although I have shown a lot of skills already, there is still a lot to give for nail techs around the world.  I want to inspire every nail technician to ooh and aah and let their brains work in different ways. And especially that they need to enjoy more to make the nailart and have fun trying things differently.

And the winner is… NANCY!

Here is what Jan said about Nancy’s nail:

“The finale Last Chance Lab has produced a gleaming torch ready for the final stretch of the competition at the ultimate world championship for nails…NTNA! Lovely gleaming flames signal the end is near and the beautiful NTNA logo is stretched large and bold for all to see, on pins and needles, for the crowning glory of season 9!  I can actually hear the chariots flying to Orlando, leaving a stream of glitter and flames behind in the sky!  Here you come…into the winners circle!  Congratulations on a beautiful design with perfect symbology of what it takes to be a champion.  Love the sophistication of the design and I hope you WILL proudly wear it as a brooch.  Welcome to the top 3! Xoxo – Jan”