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I have a client who has broken out with psoriasis on her hands and it has now spread to some of her nails. What advice can you give me and my client?

I have a client who has broken out with psoriasis on her hands and it has now spread to some of her nails. She has been to many dermatologists (one said it was caused by her artificial nails). Anyway, we have taken the artificial nails off and it has been three months. They are still bad. My client wants them back on so badly. I say no because everything I read says not to add more trauma to the nail plate. What advice can you give me and my client?

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Clients With Cancer

I have a client with natural nails who I’ve been seeing for 20 years. During the past year she underwent radiation for breast cancer and her nails began splitting and peeling. I have tried different nurturing and hardening products. She also goes to the gym and uses the pool for her exercise routine. Perhaps the chlorine is also harsh on her nails. Do you recommend a certain product or have any other advice?

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How do I handle my one client who gets greenies no matter what I do?

I have a client who gets greenies (pseudomonas) no matter what I do. I have tried using double dehydrator and double primer. I have even skipped washing her hands for fear that the moisture is too much for the nail bed. She gets them every time she gets a fill. There is no lifting around the edges of her nail, just an air pocket where the stain has formed. I do not have this issue with any other clients. Any suggestions?

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Can I service a diabetic client with discolored toenails?

I have a male client who is diabetic. I know you aren’t supposed to clip a diabetic’s nails but just file and buff lightly and rub lotion on his feet instead of massage. But on his feet his two big toenails were thick and hard and dark brown and yellow in some spots. It wasn’t slimy looking like a nail fungus but just yellowish and hard. The rest were normal looking. What could it be? Should I refuse to rebook him and recommend he see a podiatrist?

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What kind of nail services are safe to do on pregnant women?

I work for a medspa and some of the techs are concerned about nail treatments for pregnant women. We offer gel-polish and traditional nail polish manicures and pedicures — no acrylics or gels are done at the spa. What kind of nail services are safe to do on pregnant women? What about the acetone used to soak off gel-polish?

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How do I help clients whose nails are frequently in water?

I have a few clients who swim or do water aerobics a few times a week. They have a lot of trouble with keeping polish on and their nails becoming dry. They peel and split. Is there anything I can do, or tell them to do, to help this problem? So far I have just told them to apply cuticle oil every night before bed to try to hydrate the nails.

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Do your clients ask about polish being “three-free”?

There are a lot of heated opinions about the safety of nail polish. As nail techs, we care, of course, but is this a topic that’s foremost on the minds of clients? We asked readers: Do your clients ask about polish being “three-free”? Do they seem to care about the ingredients in their polish?

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