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How can I stop being such a perfectionist and work faster?

I have been doing nails for 15 years and instead of getting faster, I am getting slower. I am a perfectionist and it seems the older I get the more meticulous I become, which is becoming a huge problem. I am constantly running behind with clients. I get in such a zone with their nails, sometimes working on the same nail for 10 minutes and I don’t even realize it. I keep finding one more tiny bit of cuticle or the shape is just the tiniest bit off. I would appreciate any advice to help me work faster and stop being so obsessive.

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Is it OK to file the nails back and forth?

I’ve read that you should never file your nails back and forth because it can damage the nails, causing them to split and crack. I’ve also read that this is a myth and it’s fine to file back and forth. Which is it?

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For two weeks I’ve been trying to increase my experience on acrylics on models, but I have chipped nails and unhappy models. I'm so discouraged.

I’m a newbie nail tech in my first job. For two weeks I’ve been bringing in models to increase my experience on acrylics and tips before I start taking on real clients. So far three out of the five models are complaining of their nail tips chipping off, popping off, etc. I have no clue as to what I’m doing wrong. I’m so discouraged. I worked so hard to do those nails (for free), and I have unhappy people and no idea if it’s my technique or if these people are prying things open with their acrylic nails and using them like tools. I feel like I should quit now before I upset any clients.

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Is it true that gels thin out a client’s nails?

I have so many nail clients who say gel nails thin out their nails. Is this true? When I do a fill, I don’t get right down to their natural nail, unless it has lifted. I always leave as much of the gel on their nail as I can, to protect their natural nail. So, can you tell me, if in fact gel nails thin out their natural nails?

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Why do LED lamps generate so much heat?

I have tried almost every new LED lamp out there. Except for one brand, they all generate a lot of heat. I thought LED was not supposed to be hot. I am not talking about the heat spike that can happen with the exothermic reaction, I am talking about heat in general. I’d like to understand more about this.

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