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The new products I’m using are adding time to each appointment. How do I adjust my schedule?

I have been doing wraps for over 20 years. The products I used to use have changed and the new ones are adding about 10 minutes to my appointment time. I used to be able to get a rebase done in an hour — complicated client or not. Now almost everyone is taking 10-15 minutes longer, so by the end of the day, I am really behind. More clients are asking for nail art now, too. I do my scheduling at the beginning of the year for the whole year. All my clients have standing appointments, so making adjustments in my schedule is next to impossible. How do I fix this? Should I do 1-1/2 hour appointments just in case someone wants nail art or the application requires extra time? Obviously, that would cost time and money. Also, I’m not comfortable with charging someone extra because it takes me longer to do her nails because she is harder on them than others. I am a one-person salon and I don’t take walk-ins, so there isn’t anyone to cover for me.

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Why isn’t my Gelish application curing properly?

I am having a hard time with my Gelish drying dull at the end of the service when I wipe the dispersion layer. Sometimes the colors don’t adhere to the foundation and then it all wipes off. It seems to be the same clients this happens with and then with others there are no problems at all.

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How do I get conversation going and not sit in awkward silence?

I am naturally a pretty quiet person who doesn’t like to talk much. But after doing nails for a year, I realize that talking to clients is a must during services if you want them to come back. I don’t know what to say besides asking questions basic questions like, “How are you?” and “Do you have any children?” How do I get conversation going and not sit in awkward silence?

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What’s the cause of the pinkish-red oval area on the pad of my client’s toes?

I have a client who has a recurring problem with her fourth toes during the winter months. Both of her “ring finger” toes develop a pinkish-red oval area on the pad. Then a month later, when I see her again, the skin has become dry and hard like a callus, with the layers of skin peeling away to reveal a deeper, dark epicenter.  It’s extremely painful for her and, needless to say, we do not touch it. But it clears up in the summer when she’s wearing open-toed sandals, so I suspect it has to be due to the boots she wears in the winter. Plus she never puts lotion on her feet or uses a foot file in between visits. What do you think causes this?

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What should I do when clients have their check prepared for one service, but the price ends up higher?

I have been a nail tech for many years and I’ve never been good at standing my ground with clients. What should I do when they come in with their money (cash or check) already prepared for one service, but actually get a higher-priced service? For example, they need a repair on top of their fill, or if it’s been longer than three weeks since their last fill (which I charge more for). I’ve tried putting up signs but that hasn’t made any difference.

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Am I losing my touch applying acrylics?

I have a client whose nails used to last really well with acrylics. She only needed a fill every three weeks. But now they lift a lot and break. She only wears tips with an overlay. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Recently she was in need of repair on my day off, so she went to another tech and got a fill as well. She cancelled all her bookings with me and her nails are good with this other tech’s product. I use NSI and have been a tech for seven years. Perhaps I’m losing my touch? I also struggle sometimes with lifting on the sidewalls. Please help!

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Should I have a TV in my salon?

My question is about TVs in the salon. How do I know what kind of programming to show? In talking to customers, some like it when the salon shows a new movie, others prefer a music channel, and some others just don’t want a TV at all. What’s your advice?

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