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Practice, Practice, Practice

Sometimes it feels like you will never do a great nail, especially when you are in school and all anyone ever does is tell you to practice — and then practice some more. Getting discouraged can

Polishing Tiny (or Bitten) Nails

As nail professionals we see nails in all shape, lengths, and conditions. The one several of you have been asking about lately is the dreaded bitten nail that has been cannibalized down to a little nub

E-File Q&A With Vicki Peters

When visiting NAILS a couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Vicki Peters. I can remember reading advice she would post on BeautyTech when I was a newbie and absorbing her knowledge

Creating an Almond-Shaped Nail

Filing nails seems like an easy enough thing to do, however there are some shapes that pose more of a challenge than others. One such shape is the almond. I’m not talking about your Grandma’s style

Talking to an OPI Educator about GelColor

There have been lots of requests in my e-mail and on my Facebook for more information on the new OPI GelColor. Since you could probably tuck what I know about OPI in a thimble it seemed

A Good Analogy for UV Lamps

With all the discussion about UV lamps and now LED lamps Doug Schoon left a post on my page recently that made so much sense I knew it needed to be shared!“Finding a lamp with high

Do You Read the Directions?

Do you ever read the directions on nail products? Maybe a glimpse to be sure you’re using it properly or just full steam ahead because how hard could it really be anyway? Sometimes you can get

Embedding in Rockstar Toes

Thanks so much to all who answered the call for help on embedding things in enhancements! Your comments and video links were so helpful and much appreciated. Some of us tend to shy away from embedding

In Search Of Embedding Techniques

Do you admit your shortcomings as a professional or are you basically good at everything? I like to think I can do everything decently, but am smart enough to know that my niche is in natural

A Summertime Nail Experiment

Do you ever test things out that your clients complain about? There have been some mentions about water, chlorine, and generally common summer vacation activities causing challenges with nail coverings. It is not every day that

Are You Slow or Just Meticulous?

I frequently hear in class that nail professionals think they are slow. What really defines slow? Does this mean someone else in the salon works faster, are you comparing to the industry average time, or a

True or False? Find Out if These Nail Myths Are Real

I’ve enjoyed reading your messages and have some answers for your myth questions that you can share with clients! Gel nails are better for your nails then liquid and powder.False. To quote Greg Salo from Young Nails,

What's Your Favorite Nail Myth?

We have all heard them, the informative tips that people have for stronger nails, longer nails, and how to let your nails breathe. I nearly hurt myself laughing this morning reading a post on Nail Tips,

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