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Am I losing my touch applying acrylics?

I have a client whose nails used to last really well with acrylics. She only needed a fill every three weeks. But now they lift a lot and break. She only wears tips with an overlay. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Recently she was in need of repair on my day off, so she went to another tech and got a fill as well. She cancelled all her bookings with me and her nails are good with this other tech’s product. I use NSI and have been a tech for seven years. Perhaps I’m losing my touch? I also struggle sometimes with lifting on the sidewalls. Please help!

How can I get acrylic nails to shine better using top coats?

Can you tell me why when I use a top coat on acrylic nails the shine does not come out well? I must admit I don’t do the three-way shine after using the final white block prior to a polish application, but is there a best top coat for pure, long-lasting shine?

Removing Gels to Apply Acrylic

There are many gel nail salons around where I live, meaning there are many people with gel nails. I do acrylic nails and I’m wondering if there is a special removal method to follow for gels because I know they don’t soak off like acrylic. I have a lot of people coming to me with their gel nails still on. Do I just thin them down as good as I can and apply the acrylic as usual? Will the acrylic still adhere with that thin layer of gel on? Or do I need to completely get rid of the gel and get to the natural nail to be able to apply the acrylic?

Acrylics bother my allergies and asthma. What can I do?

I am a long-time nail enthusiast who finally found the time to go to nail school. I am enjoying my decision thus far, but I have found that acrylics (including odorless) bother my allergies and asthma. I was wondering what advice you might have. And could I be successful offering little to no acrylic services?

I have tried different products with no noticeable improvements [in lifting or popping]. Am I clipping too much?

I have been working as a nail tech for some years now, but have always had problems with clients’ nails lifting or popping off within two to three weeks. When they lift, I use a nail dehydrator after clipping the edges and filing the exposed natural nail, and then I double prime before applying acrylic. I have tried different products with no noticeable improvements. Am I clipping too much?

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