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How do I handle my one client who gets greenies no matter what I do?

I have a client who gets greenies (pseudomonas) no matter what I do. I have tried using double dehydrator and double primer. I have even skipped washing her hands for fear that the moisture is too much for the nail bed. She gets them every time she gets a fill. There is no lifting around the edges of her nail, just an air pocket where the stain has formed. I do not have this issue with any other clients. Any suggestions?

Do our nails "peak" at age 20?

I heard that nails “peak” at age 20 in terms of health, strength, and growth rate and that by the time we hit 40, our nails grow at about half the rate they used to grow at our prime. Is that true?

I have a 50-year-old client with hard, brittle nails with recurring ingrown nails. Can I help prevent the ingrown nails?

I have a 50-year-old client who has been having recurring ingrown nails on her fingers. It tends to affect the middle and ring fingers on both hands, and on both sides of the nail. She starts to feel sensitivity to pressure on her fingers and within days you can see pus under the skin. It looks like a small piece of nail is growing into the skin, causing the infection (and quite a bit of pain). She has hard, brittle nails that she wears short and polished. Is there anything I can do in the salon to prevent this from happening so often?

Does my client have a bacterial infection?

My client of eight weeks suddenly developed two bacteria spots on her nails. As a school teacher, she developed an allergy to chalkboard dust. Her doctor prescribed medicated lotion. Can this be part of the problem? I have heard that other conditions can cause bacteria, such as antibiotic medication, thyroid problems, chronic yeast infection, and psoriasis of the skin. Is this true?

Is acrylic causing curling nails?

I have an acrylic client whose nails have been healthy for many years. Recently, one of her thumbnails has begun to curl upward, about ¾ of the way up from the cuticle, toward the tip, but still well into the nail bed area. Each time I see her, it has curled more. I keep the nail trimmed as short as possible to avoid her pulling it on accidentally, and I keep it capped with acrylic (she doesn’t want me to remove the acrylic unless I absolutely have to.) It seems like the acrylic is not adhering to her thumbnail as well as it should. I don’t know if it’s because it’s short and she’s using it differently, or if it has something to do with the curling. Please advise.

How can I clear up an infection on my thumbnail?

Is there a more effective medication than Exelderm (which I have been using for about four years) to clear up an infection on my right thumbnail? What do you think about cutting the nail to the level of the infection?

Is it better to perform pedicures with or without gloves?

I would like to know if it is better to perform pedicures with or without gloves? What types of infections or skin disorders can a nail technician get on her hands from infected clients? Is soaking with an antibacterial, antifungal, cross-contamination-preventing soak enough to protect our precious hands?

What causes brittle nails?

I have ridges and splitting on the ends of my nails. It’s as if my nails are shedding along the edges. Is something lacking in my system?

All of a sudden I have one client with pseudomonas. What is going on?

I have never had a problem with my clients getting “greenies” (pseudomonas). However, I do have one new client who has been getting a greenie on a different nail every time I see her. I never re-use a file on any of her other nails after filing off the green, and of course I disinfect my implements after each client. What is going on? She said she has never had this problem before, and I have never experienced this before.

Why aren't my client's nails growing and what can I do to get them to grow?

One of my clients has worn acrylic extensions on her nails for several years. She used to live in Florida, and her nail technician there used a drill on her nails. Since then, her nails have stopped growing. They grow about three-quarters of the way out on her nail bed, and stop. There has been no new growth for several years. What has happened to her nails, and how can I get them to grow? Also, can she wear extensions? I put fiberglass wraps on her nails last week and they all fell off in just a few days. Is this problem related to her nail bed problem?

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