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Should I apply more than one coat of primer before applying gels?

I applied one coat of gel on natural nails, and the gel peeled off the next day. Should I have used more than one coat of primer? The only preparation I did was to buff the shine off of my client’s clean nails, dust, apply a bonder, then one coat of gel, and let cure. What am I missing?

What causes shrinking on gel nails?

So on my last client of the day, I finish her fill, buff her nails, apply gel top coat to one of the hands and it turns out fine. But on the next hand, I do everything like I usually do, but when I put the hand in the light to cure the gel top coat, disaster happens. One finger looks like it has a hole in it (in the top coat) and the others look like the gel has literally shrunk, and they’re bumpy too. I file it all off and start again, but the same thing happens. I try one more time, and it’s still the same. I do it all one more time and even use a different lamp, but get the same results. My bulbs in both lamps are about four months old, so they shouldn’t need replacing yet. What could be causing this shrinking?

Why do I get lifting around the cuticle on my acrylics?

I have problems with acrylic lifting. I have very good prep and can find no problems with my application. The only thing I can come up with is maybe I put the apex in the wrong spot. I put my apex in the middle of the nail, not necessarily on the spot on the natural nail where the free edge joins the nail bed. Is this the reason why I get lifting around the cuticle? It seems if I put the apex back further (if the nails are long) then they will look a bit silly.

How do I safely use a drill with a sanding bit?

I’m thinking about using a drill with a sanding band to prep. How do I use it and avoid damage to the nail plate? I’m concerned about what speed, what grit, and what kind of band, and whether I can use it to remove pterygium.

How do I avoid bubbles in my polish application?

Every time one of my clients receives a manicure, tiny bubbles form on her polished nails. The only thing that seems to work is having her scrub her nails before polishing. The last time she had her nails polished, the bubbles formed a strip right in the center of her thumb nail, and on the rest of her nails the bubbles were all over. Can you help me solve this mystery?

How do I keep clients' nails from lifting?

I’ve been working as a nail tech for some years now, but have always had problems with clients’ nails lifting or popping off within two to three weeks. When they lift, I use a nail dehydrator after clipping the edges and filing the exposed natural nail, and then I double prime before applying acrylic. I have tried different products with no noticeable improvements. Am I clipping too much?

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