Nailympia Winner RussAnna Dudley Has a Great Story to Tell

Meet Georgia nail professional RussAnna Dudley. I hope you’ll be as awed and inspired by her as I am!

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Guest Post: My First Timed Competition at the NTP Cruise

I thought you might enjoy a recap of the annual NTP nail competition from Sheila Amrhien — a competitor who also ended up being a winner!

NAHA’s Latest Nail Winner Shares Tips for a Winning Entry

Nail tech and NAHA winner Sandy Clark shares tips on how to win this photo competition.

24 Witchy Nail Art Designs from NTNA Season 5

Viewers beware: These nails embellished with Swarovski crystals may put a spell on you.

Nailympia Australia Announces 2017 Winners

Nailympia Australia has announced its 2017 winners following a thrilling series of competitions at the professional beauty event Beauty Expo Australia, held August 26-27 in Sydney.

Mini Masterpiece 2017 Winners: Feline Grace

Congratulations to this year’s Mini Masterpiece winner Stella Sampson, who skillfully captured the fine details and striking colors of “Audubon” by Marjorie Sarnat, a painting sure to win over any cat lover (and the judges). This year’s contest received dozens of amazing nail art entries featuring art from Dali to Banksy.  

Nail Salon Lauded by Salon Today Magazine

Los Angeles’ Champagne Nail Lounge  landed in the third runner-up position in Salon Today's 2017 Salon of the Year competition and claimed the designation Nail Salon of the Year.

Peacock Nail Art from India's Nailinar

Cuccio Educator Anubhooti Khanna was the winner of the Best Traditional Dress category of Mrs. India Queen of Substance for her peacock nail design.

2017 NAHA Finalists: Nail Professional

See the beautiful entries from Nail Professional finalists at the North American Hairstyling awards. 

What You Need to Know Before Competing in a Nail Contest

Competing is one of the best ways to hone your craft and get noticed. In the world of nails, there are many opportunities to showcase your talents and grow as a result. We talked to some regulars on the competition circuit to find out what you’ll need to know if you want to compete — and possibly win big.