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ABC7 The NOW Denver News Segment: Nail Industry Responds

Cyndy Drummey, NAILS Magazine group publisher, speaks with ABC7 The NOW Denver's Anne McNamara about what clients should look for when choosing a quality salon.

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Follow Friday: The Nail Hub

The Nail Hub is a podcast that covers topics from business to industry news.

Podcast (2007) Vicki Peters Interviews NAILS' Cyndy Drummey

Industry leader Vicki Peters interviews NAILS Magazine's Cyndy Drummey in her first podcast on the nail industry.

A Makeover for the Nail Industry

If I was going to make over the nail industry, I'd start by challenging any state that required fewer than 600 hours for a nail license to raise their standards.

How Would You Make Over the Nail Industry?

We thought it would be fitting to ask a distributor, a manufacturer, and a salon owner how they would make over the nail industry. We got three very different responses.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

During the NAILS Roundtable Breakfast in Las Vegas, nail techs, salon owners, manufacturers, and educators took a frank look at the state of the industry and discussed the challenges facing nails today. Echoing concerns as old the industry, education and sanitation proved to be the hot topics.

L.A. Meets "the Nail King"

When a local TV news crew visited Fior’s Los Angeles manufacturing plant, they dubbed vice president Noubar Abrahamian “The Nail King.”

Beauty Systems Group Acquires F.H. Loeffler

Gary Winterhalter announced that it has acquired F.H. Loeffler Company.

We're Number 12! We're Number 12!

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics recently churned out some pretty important numbers.

Nail Technician Licensing: What’s Happening In Illinois And New York?

Licensing laws for nail technicians have passed in both states, but rules and regulations have yet to be finalized.