on my mind

On My Mind: Focus On You

NAILS invited guest editor and NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Season 4 winner Tracey Lee to tell us about her whirlwind past year and offer advice to techs who’d like to make 2018 their best year ever!

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On My Mind: Fear Not!

This month as I was putting together our Crowdsourcing piece I discovered that there are many things that scare you.

On My Mind: Back to School

Before I worked in publishing I worked in public education. I consider it a privilege to have spent so much time in the school system. I was there to teach, but I loved my job because of what I learned.

On My Mind: Keeping it Real

The NAILS team attended a Digital Summit in Los Angeles. Here are a few takeaways from the event.

On My Mind: This is a Team Sport

I have learned almost everything I know about being part of a team from working here at NAILS.

On My Mind: Who Cares? We Should

The commitment to eating right, exercising, and work/life balance are all essential parts of self-care. In an industry that’s all about caring for others, I marvel at how many of our readers prioritize taking care of themselves as well.

On My Mind: Milestone Makers

I worry sometimes that the nail community and those outside of it put too much of a premium on the numbers on a profile.

On My Mind: Share the Love

This is the month more than any other when the word “love” gets thrown around, so I say embrace the sentiment and look for ways to spread the affection among your clients, coworkers, and peers.

On My Mind: Passionate, Patient, Fun

I welcome the change 2017 brings to NAILS.

On My Mind: Your Vote Counts

Erika Kotite discusses the importance of voting for what you believe in and the power of choice.