Watch OPI’s Tech Talks Live on Instagram

OPI will be broadcasting nail art looks and technical tips live on Instagram.

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#TutorialTuesday: How Can I Help?

The weekly tutorials are designed to give you ideas, inspiration, and basically a nail wingman in the shadows to help make your job a little easier.

5 Things You Should Know About E-files

Whether you’re a veteran e-file user or you’re thinking about taking the plunge for the first time, you’ll want to hear this powerful argument in their favor, as well as some valuable tips on how to shop for and maintain your unit.

Quick Nail Tips: Write Cursive Love Notes with the Cina Nail Art Pen

Marilyn Garcia, Cuccio global education director, shows how to write love notes easily on an acrylic nail using a Cina Nail Art Pen. 

Shifting Gears: Switching Between Acrylic and Gel Services

  Alternating between gel and acrylic services during your busy workday requires refocusing your mind and modifying your technique. Here are some tips to make transitioning between mediums easier.

Quick Nail Tips: How to Mix Gels to Match Skin Tones

Using gel and gel-polish, Marilyn Garcia, Cuccio global education director, shows how to change the shade of a gel to best match your client's skin tone.

LeChat Sponge Painting Tutorial

Learn how to create a simple nail art design using sponge painting.

How to Achieve the Perfect Acrylic Mix Ratio

Getting the right mix of acrylic liquid and powder is crucial to creating long-lasting nails. Here are NAILS’ FingerNailFixer blogger and CND educator Holly Schippers top tips for achieving the perfect mix ratio.

Quick Nail Tips: Long-Lasting Gel Brush Maintenance

Marilyn Garcia, Cuccio global education director, explains how she maintains the shape and color of her gel brush to last a year longer or more.

Young Nails Nail School: Using Dipping Powders With Gel

Young Nails' Tracey Reierson explains how to use dipping powders with gel instead of resin.