Art of Nailz

Minions — I Need More Minions!

Like many career nail techs who are already halfway (or more) through their career, I have experienced my share of work scenarios: booth renter, employee, nails-only salon, full-service salon, big salon, little salon, etc., and have

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A Little off the Top, Please

The other day, I was walking down the hallway to my salon just as the massage therapist next door was coming out of her room. She informed me that one of our other neighbors — an

I’m Not a Babysitter

I’ve always refused to make reminder calls. In part, because it’s a time-consuming pain in the patootie. Especially for a night owl like me who’s already fighting to survive in a diurnal society. Most people expect

Move Over Gel-Polish

When gel-polish hit the market a few years ago, I jumped on it. Invested an embarrassing amount of money into the stuff and have continued to do so because it really is the first major technical

Breathing Easy

When I met with the leasing agent for the space where I currently call my salon, I was very clear about my intentions to blow the landlords’ preconceptions of “nail salon” to smithereens.  Since I was

What Is It With People?

Another post title that could go just about anywhere! But today, as I’m doing a gel-polish change on a set of toes, it occurs to me that this is the second person who has refused to

Never Send a Massage Therapist to Do a Nail Technician’s Job

The massage therapist next door is half Korean. In 40 years, she had never had a chance to meet her mother’s side of the family, so she recently took an actual vacation (she works 24/7) to

Instagram Insistence

For several months now, I would say, I’ve been seeing my Facebook friends’ posts through my newsfeed every time someone uploads pictures using “Instagram.”Mostly, it made me crazy. I’d see photos uploaded and when I’d open

Viva Las Vegas

Do I name my blog post that every year around this time?Well, if so, it should serve as a reminder that the IBS Las Vegas tradeshow is looming before us like the gaping maw of a

12 Gallons Of Glitter

I can't find anything. The whole place is torn up and I'm working out of buckets now. Who's stupid idea was it to remodel this place?Primarily, I just want those world-famous polish/glitter racks back up on