Doug Schoon

Worldwide Nail Collaboration Goes Live for Month of April

Join us for the World Nails LIVE event, a collaboration of top nail industry professionals across multiple platforms, April 3-23.

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Get the Latest on the Risks of “Burst” Removers

Burst-style gel-polish removers have proven to have illegal ingredients along with falsified SDS sheets.

Face-to-Face Discusses Nail Anatomy Misconceptions

Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon is web-based education posted on a regular basis by Doug Schoon for a small monthly subscription fee.

Orlando Was Crazy...As Usual

Most of my time in Orlando was spent in the CND classroom with the launch of CND Shellac Luxe.

All About Adhesion: How Nail Products Stick to the Nails

What factors contribute to how well a nail coating bonds to the nail — and how can we improve that adhesion?

Highlights From ISSE Long Beach

There are competitions going on, there are several great classes for nails, business, and social media, and the show floor has the nail booths grouped together.

Helpful Hints for Dip System Users

A hands-on dip system class was just thing to teach me to troubleshoot this technique. Plus I got answers to the double-dipping question.

What a Weekend I had at Premiere Orlando!

Here’s a quick run-through of my busy days at Premiere.

Danger Ahead: A Scientist’s View of the Russian Manicure

Industry scientist, author, and educator Doug Schoon issues a warning about the so-called Russian manicure technique.

Week 11: Social Media Post: Don’t Buff “Ridges”

Ridges on the nails are actually grooves — and they should not be buffed away.