Twisted Truths and Pleas for Cash

Take a look at this parody video made by Doug Schoon and Lucien Henderson.

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Holly’s ISSE Recap

For those of you who missed the social media coverage, here’s a recap of last weekend’s ISSE show in Long Beach.

Wondering About Those White Patches on Your Client’s Nails?

Here’s an excerpt from Doug Schoon’s “Face to Face, Volume 2” discussing WSO — white superficial onychomycosis.

Science, Facts About Nails

Doug Schoon’s newest book is officially out!

Soaking Nails in a Bowl of Water is an Outdated Technique

In short, the nail plate absorbs water like a sponge and can compromise the color coating.

Are You Confused About Nail Anatomy?

Doug Schoon explains the structure of the nail and answers some of your important questions.

Webinar: Challenges Facing Nail Professionals

Sign up for a free webinar with Doug Schoon as he offers information to help provide better and safer services.

Doug Schoon Webinar: Sign Up Today

Instructors, sign up for an informative webinar from Associated Nail Professionals (ANP) to share with your students. This webinar, "The Most Important Challenges Facing Nail Professionals," is presented by industry expert Doug Schoon.

Don’t Be Sidelined by Allergies or Irritations

A new way of looking at the problem of salon-related allergies and contact dermatitis can reduce the likelihood of suffering from a condition that could end your career.

Acrylic Dip Systems Make a Comeback

Let’s look back at what made acrylic dip systems so hot to begin with and find out why it's trending again.