Etsy Buys to Help Your Business

Nail tech Redd Flythe offers guides and coloring book downloads on her Etsy site.

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Are Press-Ons the New Way to Do Business?

With clients not coming into the salon regularly, are press-ons a way to generate income and satisfy client demand?

Astral Acrylics Decorative Tips

 Astral Acrylics’ focus is to provide people with bespoke nails with a mystical twist.

How to Launch Your Product

If you’re a nail technician there’s no shortage of goals that can be accomplished in this industry. Some technicians dream of winning competitions or taking on celebrity clients. But for others, the dream is to launch a successful product. Take it from those who have done this before, a great idea doesn’t necessarily translate into a smooth debut. Learn from these professional case studies what it takes to sell your invention to your peers with maximum impact.

Wash-ful Thinking: Hand Washing Signs

You clients should be washing their hands before each service. But are they? If you’re tired of nagging, try hanging one of these cute signs from Etsy in the restroom to deliver the message to wash up.

Marketing With a Nice Ring to It

The husband and wife team behind Velvet Nail Lounge in Troy, Mich., came up with a brilliant marketing idea after reading fashion magazines.

Buffer Zone Nails Fills Unique Niche

U.K.-based nail tech Leanne Scott specializes in nail tips for the transgender/cross-dressing community.

Nail Kandi

To celebrate the opening of KandiLand, nail decal designer Ana Guajardo of ChaCha Covers created decals with Kandi Banks’ face and salon logo on them.