Healthy Eating Check-in: Easy Breakfasts

Something that has really made a difference for me is being diligent about eating breakfast.

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Competing in Argentina With RussAnna Dudley

RussAnna Dudley shares her experience competing in Argentina.

Competing in Argentina With Nicole Franklin

Nicole Franklin was one of three nail techs who got the opportunity to compete in Argentina.

Competing in Argentina With Kim Jones

Kim Jones shares her experience competing in Argentina.

Did You Go to Premiere Orlando?

Did you make it to Premiere Orlando? What was your favorite part?

How to Avoid the Annoying Back Ledge in Enhancements

Have you noticed clients coming back in with an annoying place at the back of the enhancement where it jumps off a little bit and you can catch your nail on the back of it? Here's a tutorial for how to avoid that.

How to Save Money While Traveling

Here are some of my personal ways to save, figured out over the years as I travel.

15 Best Nail Friends Forever

Nail friends are the best friends! FingerNail Fixer Holly Schippers asked readers on NAILS' Facebook page to share pictures of them with their nail BFFs, and many of you responded. Here are 15 photos of best nail friends forever.

How to Achieve the Perfect Acrylic Mix Ratio

Getting the right mix of acrylic liquid and powder is crucial to creating long-lasting nails. Here are NAILS’ FingerNailFixer blogger and CND educator Holly Schippers top tips for achieving the perfect mix ratio.

How to Remove CND Shellac Luxe

Holly Schippers explains how to remove CND's Shellac Luxe, which has a 60-second removal time.