Holly Schippers

Video Tutorial: Galaxy Nail Using Black Out Cats Eye Gel-Polish

Here is a simple galaxy nail using Black Out Cats Eye gel-polish and stamping.

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My Tutorials Are Back With an Introductory Black Out Cats Eye Video

Watch my video on Black Out Cats Eye gel-polish to see it in action.

The Salon Floor Should Be a Grumble-Free Zone

If you’re happy and you know it, let it show

Giving New Meaning to a Green Thumb

These photos of nails with real succulents attached made me smile.

The Details Count When Cleaning Your Tools

It’s vital that you actually read your disinfectant’s instructions and clean your tools accordingly.

Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

Your clients are the judges of your work and if they love your art, stop beating yourself up about not being as good as “so and so.”

Becoming a Successful Nail Tech: Step Four Is Business Savvy

Doing amazing nails is not the only requirement for staying afloat, some business skills are essential as well.

Gaining New Knowledge Alongside the Old

Are you content to be doing the same thing that your predecessors were doing for the same price? Would you rather improve your skill and your income?

Becoming a Successful Nail Tech: Step Three Is Creating a Positive Client Experience

Focus more on your client’s experience in the chair and less on the fluff.

Guest Post: Two Perspectives on the Nail Those Profits Cruise

In this guest blog, Nikki and her husband Justin talk about their experiences on the Nail Those Profits Cruise.