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Link Love: Creative Designs to Freshen up Fall

Every season seems to bring different inspirations for nail designs. In summer we saw a lot of neons and in December we always see a lot of red, white, silver, gold, and green. We decided to

Link Love: Instagram Nail Art

Summer is now in full force and with heat waves across the country we thought it would be great to take advantage of the season by showing off some nails that are fun for summer.In a

Link Love: Advice for Nail Techs

Here are some great blog posts to start off the summer season! I am excited myself to start off the season because I’m working at Bobit Business Media for the summer, home of NAILS Magazine and

Link Love: 1/9/12

I hope your new year is off to a strong start! Here are some beauty blogs you may want to check out:New blog Beauty Changes Lives focuses on how beauty professionals are using beauty to benefit

Link Love: 10/7/11

Here are some other blog posts worth checking out from around the web!Salon Success Academies Beauty Buzz blog is a new resource to help beauty school students progress in their careers.Another season of Fashion Week, another

Link Love: 9/9/11

Are any of you at Fashion Week this week? We can't wait to see the amazing nails that come out of this season's event!Speaking of Fashion Week, the first blog we'd like to share Link Love

Link Love: 8/26/11

Are you and your kids (and clients) all geared up for school? If you are still hanging on to one last week or two of summer vacation, here are some great summer camp-themed nails to get

Link Love: 8/12/11

We hope you've had a good work week so far. Here are some of our favorite recent nail-related blog posts for your perusal.Our interest is piqued by Eye for Beauty by Sally Beauty that states that

Link Love: 7/15/11

Happy Friday! Here are some of our favorite recent blog posts.Check out the high-quality nail art photos (and the cool designs) on this blog we just discovered: Hey, Nice Nails! As a Harry Potter fan, I