Taking the Winnie Huang Test

Enjoy the challenge when a client brings in a nail art design from Pinterest to re-create.

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How to Pin

Pinterest: You’ve definitely heard of it — and maybe even found inspiration there — but are you using it to its full potential?    

Add Inspiration to Your Nail Art Pics

Manicurist and blogger Chelsea King gives advice on taking nail photos that stand out.

We Heart Pinterest: Our Top Valentine Pins Reimagined

We took the ideas behind some of our most popular Valentine’s Day pins and had them recreated to show just how easy it is to give clients Pinterest-worthy nails.

Win it Wednesday: Pin to Win

Win a prize for telling us which of our Pinterest boards is your favorite.

How to Make Pinterest Work for You

Ever have a client request nail art seen on Pinterest? Here's how Holly handles it.

Babbling About Nail Art Gallery, a Disney-owned site covering everything from entertainment to lifestyle and parenting, recently named Nail Art Gallery’s Pinterest account as one of the most inspiring.

Gear of Glory

This nail art design, resembling clock gear, was styled by master nail technician Vicki Peters.

I Blame Pinterest

Maggie is tired of being asked to copy someone else’s nail art.

On My Mind: Is It a Social Burden?

My advice: Find out from your clients what sites they are active on before adding these sites to your lineup. Set up your accounts across the platforms where the majority of your clients already are.