Featured YouTube Artist: Ann Chang

On The Nail Tips Show, educator Ann Chang offers instructional videos and artist interviews in a combination of English and Vietnamese.

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Young Nails Hits Milestone on YouTube

Young Nails was recently honored with YouTube’s Silver Play Button to mark the fact that its channel has surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

FingerNailFixer’s Featured YouTuber: Melissa Pechey

Meet Melissa Pechey, we went to boot camp together and it has been a joy to watch her grow and shine these past 12 years.

Suzie Moskal Talks YouTube Fame

Nail tech Suzie Moskal didn’t set out to become a YouTube sensation, yet that’s precisely what she’s done. Her advice to others who want to follow in her footsteps? Learn as you go.

FingerNailFixer’s Featured YouTuber: Robin Moses

She has been making videos for years and has over a thousand of them posted.

FingerNail Fixer’s Featured YouTuber: Divine by Design’s Natasha Lee

Holly puts the spotlight on nail tech and YouTuber Natasha Lee of Divine by Design.

FingerNail Fixer’s Featured YouTuber: Fee Wallace

Holly will start to occasionally feature some of these tutorial creators to help them share their love of education.

Click Here: Talia’s Nail Tales

Canadian nail tech Talia Scherer shares her deep passion for all things nail related on her YouTube channel.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media

As the editor in charge of NAILS’ social media, I wanted to offer you my tips for boosting your following.

Tech Tuesday: Tips For Videos

Whether you’re going to be auditioning for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist or want to be a YouTube sensation, you’ll need these tips for making the best videos possible.