How to Sculpt a Stiletto Nail

Ann Chang of The Nail Tips Show demonstrates how to sculpt a stiletto nail using acrylic.

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Spring Bling Acrylic Nails

Nail artist and teacher Katie Barnes is known for her mastery of extreme shapes. An international award winner, former NTNA competitor, and Scratch cover artist, she completed a photo shoot featuring blue and yellow edge nails with embellishments.

Acrylic Fill With Broken Nail and Color Change in 30 Minutes

Young Nails' Tracey Reierson shows how to perform a fill, fix a broken nail, and change polish and nail design in just 30 minutes.

I Survived the L&P Services — Thanks to My E-File

This was my first time using my e-file on a full salon schedule and seeing the difference it can make.

Stop Service Breakdown: A Guide to Better Nails

Don’t let service breakdown give you a nervous breakdown. Regardless of what nail medium you’re using — polish, gel-polish, gel, acrylic, or gel-acrylic hybrid — problems are bound to crop up from time to time. Here are some troubleshooting tips aimed at making these common technical failings a thing of the past.

I Need to Perfect My Liquid-and-Powder Skills in a Hurry

Have you ever covered for a colleague or coworker in the salon? I’m about to do that right now.

Try Out Candy Coat's Sweet New Acrylic Kit

Candy Coat is offering professionals a preview of its new acrylic line, Hard Candy, with a “try me” kit.

NTNA S. 6 Challenge 2: Musical Safari Nail Art (Ashton)

For NTNA Challenge 2, sponsored by Mia Secret, contestants created safari-themed nail art using the brand's Pastel Macaroons and Gray Jungle collections. Here is Ashton Harlan's entry. See all 11 entries here.

Young Nails Holiday Window Acrylic Nail Design

Learn how to create this acrylic window design from Young Nails.

Young Nails Mylar Nail Demo

Learn how to create a dimensional mylar nail.