client relationships

Let Clients Know They’re Appreciated

Regardless of how busy you are, one thing that should not be overlooked is client appreciation.

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Crowdsourcing: What is Your Biggest Client Pet Peeve?

This month we asked nail techs: What is your biggest client pet peeve?

Calming the Chaos: Being Mindful of Your Clients

Our perspective changes when we pause and take time to engage ourselves in someone else’s perspective.

Calming the Chaos: Being Mindful of Gossip

Being mindful about gossip is not about stopping it as much as it is about not being an active participant and allowing that gossip to live within us.

A Surprise Celebration for VIP Clients

Every month, Salon Bleu gives one client the VIP treatment.

Young Nails Biz Talk: Are You Getting Too Close to Clients?

Young Nails' Greg, Habib, and Tracey discuss whether getting too close to clients can damage your business.

Young Nails Biz Talk: Dealing With Difficult Clients

Young Nails' Tracey Reierson and Habib Salo discuss how to approach problems with difficult clients.

When Family Members Want Freebies

When you work in the beauty business, it’s all but inevitable that family members will expect free services.

12 Ways to Show Clients Some Love

Keeping your clients coming back takes more than just providing expert services. These customer service ideas will help you show clients how much you love and value them.

Procrastinated Christmas Shoppping? Try Christmas E-Cards by OPI!

OPI offers nail lovers an easy alternative to holiday cards perfect for those who waited until the last minute.