6 Habits That Will Get Clients to Rebook Every Time

Building your book requires hard work, consistency — and asking the right questions to get clients to prebook. Don’t worry, you can still talk about the weather, or what you’re watching on Netflix, but you’ll want to squeeze a few of these questions into the conversation from here on out.

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Making a Difference in Our Clients’ Lives

Gayla Snell, a nail tech and massage therapist at Salons on 407 in Highland Village, Texas, recently learned how a manicurist can touch others’ lives when they need it most.

My Top 5 Worst Nail Clients from Hell (NailGuyTV)

NailGuyTV's Robert Nguyen shares with us his top five worst nail client types.

Her Cancellations Are Pure Poetry

When she can’t make her standing appointment, one longtime client notifies her nail tech with poetry.


Twenty-two years of doing nails takes a toll on the hands.

I Guess She Showed Me!

Maggie’s unhappy client got her revenge.

Spinning Straw Into Nails

Maggie wonders if those uncooperative clients really have control issues.

The Doppelganger Effect

Maggie has great expectations when a favorite long-lost client returns.

I Tot I Taw a Nay-Wady [Translation: Nail Lady]

Maggie is fed up with clients who sound like 2-year-olds.

Glitz for a Glamorous Guest: The Tooth Fairy Drops By

Nail tech Rachael Waggoner of Dazzlin’ Digits 3D Nails in Lakewood, Colo., is lucky to count Mirealla Chavez, a professional tooth fairy, among her clientele.