easy nail art

Minimal Geometric Spring Nail Art Tutorial

Learn how to create this fun, pastel nail design for spring.

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Nail Art Step-By-Steps From Nail Art Gallery

Learn how to create these fun nail art designs with tutorials from Nail Art Gallery.

4 Easy Winter Holiday Nail Art Designs From Essie

These fun, easy winter nail designs were created by Jini Lim using Essie's Winter 2018 collection. Learn how to create a starry mani, plaid nails, a winter half moon, and a wavy winter nail look.

3 Easy Halloween Nail Art Tutorials From Essie

Learn how to create three easy nail designs for Halloween, including a negative space spiderweb nail, a cute dotticure, and an autumn half-moon mani.

LeChat Sponge Painting Tutorial

Learn how to create a simple nail art design using sponge painting.

Easy Rainbow and Cloud Pride Nail Art

Natasha Lee creates a simple rainbow and cloud nail art design that requires no tools — just the brush from the polish bottle.

Easy Watercolor Nail Art

HannahRoxNails demonstrates an easy watercolor design that's great for beginners.

How to Paint Valentine's Hearts

Natasha Lee demonstrates how to create simple heart nail art for Valentine's Day.

Halloween Mani Mania: Skeleton Rib Cage Nail Tutorial

CND’s Heather Reynosa-Davis shows a Libertine-inspired skeleton rib cage design using CND Shellac and CND Retention+ Clear Powder with a sugared effect.

3 Easy Minimalist Fall/Winter Manicure Ideas

Hannah Lee of HannahRoxNails (@hannahroxit) shows how to create three easy nail art designs for fall and winter.