How to Shape an Almond Nail

Paola Ponce explains how to shape the perfect almond-shaped nail.

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How to Finish File Nails

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows the proper techniques to get a perfectly filed nail every time no matter what product you work with.

How to File Five Nail Enhancement Shapes

Kirsty Meakin of Naio Nails demonstrates how to file five nail shapes: a pipe nail; a stiletto nail; an almond nail; a ballerina or coffin nail; and a traditional square nail.

Young Nails Nail School: Nail File Basics

Young Nails president Greg Salo explains the basics of using a nail file, including how to properly hold the file for leverage and how to use the entire surface of the file for efficient finishing. 

Hand Filing and E-filing Tips to Speed Up Services

Whether you use a hand file or an e-file, it’s important to have a process and follow the same steps from nail to nail. These tips will help you learn to file quickly and consistently, finishing fast with nails that look the same from one to the next.

How to File Acrylic Nails - Hand-Filing Technique

Nail Career Education's Suzie Moskal shows how to hand file an acrylic nail.

How to Create a Natural Nail Manicure

Suzie Moskal shares some tips on how to do a natural nail manicure.

Edge Glitter Acrylic Nails

Suzie Moskal has a a lot of fun creating this futuristic look, edge glitter acrylic nails. She covers nail forms, acrylic application, shaping, e-filing, hand file techniques, and top coat.

Convert Stiletto to Oval Nails

Suzie Moskal shows how to create oval-shaped nails using a hand file. She also shows how to extend a short nail with acrylic into an oval shape.

Protect Fingers From Filing Mishaps

Designed to help prevent hand or finger abrasions from the repetitive use of a nail file, the Cosmo Finger Guard for Nail Techs is a lightweight, cut-resistant glove designed by a cosmetologist with comfort and safety in mind.