How To Sculpt A Stiletto Nail With Gel

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to sculpt a stiletto nail using gel.

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How to Create a Full Set Using Xtens

Learn how to extend nails using Xtens pre-formed gel nail tips.

Two Ways to Fix Short Bitten Nails Using Gel

Paola Ponce shows two ways to fix short bitten or broken nails using gel.

How to Create Stiletto Nails Using Japanese Gel

Paola Ponce shows how to shape a stiletto nail using Japanese soft gel.

How To Extend Nails with Gel

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to extend nails using gel.

Encapsulated Crushed Opal Nail Art Tutorial

Denise Heavner shows how to encapsulate opal and gold foil in clear gel.

Stop Service Breakdown: A Guide to Better Nails

Don’t let service breakdown give you a nervous breakdown. Regardless of what nail medium you’re using — polish, gel-polish, gel, acrylic, or gel-acrylic hybrid — problems are bound to crop up from time to time. Here are some troubleshooting tips aimed at making these common technical failings a thing of the past.

Gel Overlay Backfill Tutorial

Overlays are great ways to add strength to your nails and eliminate the need to soak everything off every time. This video shows how to backfill an overlay and apply a new color.

Quick Nail Tips: Perfect Gel Smile Lines with a String Technique

Marilyn Garcia, Cuccio global education director, shows how to achieve the perfect smile line using Cuccio Pro T3 LED/UV Gel and a Cuccio Pro tachyon gel brush.

Spring Color Preview

From delicate nudes and slates to vibrant pinks, blues, and oranges, this year’s spring color collections bring positive vibes to warm-weather manicures.