New York City Considers Letter Grades for Salons and Spas

New York City may create a new system of letter grades for cosmetology businesses similar to the system used for restaurants.

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The Cure for Inspection Anxiety

Do you suffer from salon inspection anxiety? I’ve got the right prescription for you: Get prepared and be proactive.

I Survived a State Inspection

We don’t know anyone who enjoys a visit from the state inspector, but we’ve learned it’s often not as bad as we imagined. These techs tell their survival stories.

The Secret Life of a Salon Inspector

What goes into helping nail salons stay compliant and protecting public safety? We talked to some movers and shakers behind the scenes in state cosmetology boards to shed some light on what it takes to fill their shoes.

Making the Grade

State inspectors have the ability to strike fear into salon owners, but listen closely and you will find opportunity ... even in a less-than-perfect rating. How states handle inspections (or a lack of them) is as varied as the colors clients choose.

Texas Health Inspectors Now Have Power To Shut Down Salons Immediately

A new Texas legislature signed into law states that if Texas state health officials witness flagrant violations of sanitation standards in salons, they now have the jurisdiction to immediately close the salon.

Iowa Targets 550 Salons in Inspection Campaign

The most common violation was unlicensed service providers, says state board inspectors.