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10 Big Salon Money Drains

You work hard for your money — make sure you’re keeping as much of it as you can. Have you fallen into any of these common money-wasting traps?

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How to Say No to Your Clients

Do you ever feel like your clients are running you over or being inconsiderate? Here are some tips for enforcing your business policies while remaining polite and professional.

Nail Those Profits At Sea Round Table

Nail Talk Radio hosts a nail round table at the Vicki Peters "Nail Those Profits at Sea" Cruise featuring Brandy Coull, Jessica Hoel, AthenA Elliott, Karen Hodges, Alex Fox, and Holly Schippers.

10 Minutes or Bust

Maggie doles out tough love to late clients.

10 Ways to Improve Enhancement Application Speed

Here are some great ways to keep yourself on schedule.

Training Your Customers

Training and conditioning your clients to behave the way you want them to is both possible and necessary.

On the Couch: Your [Personal] Business Challenges Answered

This month our industry consultant helps owners who are dealing with a tech whose clients want diagnoses and a chronically late client. 

Reader to Reader: How Do You Deal With Chronic Client Tardiness?

Readers respond with customer-friendly ideas like shortening a service or asking a customer to visit another technician. 

8 Things That Gobble Your Time and How to Starve Them

If it’s your life, why don’t you have time? Here’s what you can do to protect yourself against eight time-wasters.