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Watch OPI’s Tech Talks Live on Instagram

OPI will be broadcasting nail art looks and technical tips live on Instagram.

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Lessons Learned Through Taekwondo

Part of my effort to be a little healthier has led me to taking Taekwondo with my son.

Monitor Your Progress With a Benchmark Nail

Take a photo of your first practice nail to compare to the last one at the end of a day, week, or month.

Practice With the Products You Already Own

Sometimes as nail professionals we all need to slow down and improve ourselves before moving onto more and more products.

Week 12: Hard Gels, 3-D Art, and Another Client

We came back from our extended weekend on Wednesday and aced our first test of the new module. After the test, our instructor did a demo on 3-D art.

Week 9: Live Models and My First Attempt at 3-D Art

This week was busy: we worked on live models, tried 3-D art for the first time, and got a new instructor.

New: Bio-Swift Reverse Nail Tip Forms from Bio Seaweed Gel

Bio Seaweed Gel’s new Bio-Swift is a soak-off gel enhancement system with new reverse nail tip forms that can help you create the perfect gel nail structure every time. Bio Seaweed Gel's Bio-Swift debuted at Cosmoprof North America 2017.   Click here for a Bio-Swift tutorial.

How to Create a Perfect Smile Line

One look can be executed in three ways. Learn the techniques behind each and find out what makes them structurally unique. 

NAILS Guide to Nail Education

Discover all the opportunities for advanced learning with our free guide to nail education. NAILS’ Guide to Nail Education contains both branded and independent classes and includes information about the topics covered, course dates and times, cost, and more.

Are You a Nail Dinosaur?

The nail profession has lots of time-tested products and techniques too good to toss aside. But are there times you should be modernizing yourself, and aren't? Take this quiz to see if you're roaming in the Mesozoic Era.