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Nail Humor: Just the Tip

If you're a nail tech then you might know how Dynh Le feels in this video as he drops the cuticle nipper.

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Nails at Cosmoprof North America 2016

The NAILS team walked the show floor July 24-26 to see what was new for the year in professional beauty. Along the way we saw some amazing nails.

Mars and Venus in the Salon

On the nail competition floor, couple Emese Koppànyi and Frédéric Edange can be found both paired together and battling each other. The duo married in Las Vegas in 2014, then for their “honeymoon” won the Perfect Match category together. The newlyweds talk about the male-female dynamic in the nail salon and beyond.

Males Who Do Nails

With a growing number of men opting to pay bills and forge careers from behind a nail table, NAILS takes a look at some male techs to find out what they think of their chosen profession and how they’re ­making it in a female-dominated industry.

Have RV, Will Travel

Nail tech outfitted a 1990 RV with spa pedicure area in the back where the bedroom had been and built a manicure area in front.

He’s in It for the Long Haul

Not only is Jerry Cook a guy and a former truck driver, he has most of his clients on a monthly fiberglass regimen that brings in $1,500 a week.

Auto Tech by Day, Nail Tech by Night

Bill Fogg muses on his unusual dual occupation.

A Man’s Place Is … In The Salon?

Male nail technicians share their enlightening experiences working, in the female-dominated world of nails

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Billy Lightfoot and Tom Freeman: Jack Of All Trades With A New One… Manicuring

The session was set up with two male manicurists, a rare breed in this predominantly female business, and I had been told that Billy Lightfoot and Tom Freeman were beer drinkin’, good time carousers.