Crowdsourcing: What is Your Biggest Fear?

This month we asked nail techs: What is Your Biggest Fear?

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Day 96: Flecks of Bling Nail Art

Bridget Johnson, Paris, Texas

5 Ways to Earn More Money As a Nail Tech

Celina Ryden shares her top five ways for nail techs to increase their earnings.

Make Your Nail Wish List a Reality in 2017

While you may hopefully be bringing in some extra income from holiday clients or thoughtful tipping, it’s a good time to stash a bit away to invest in yourself.

Are Your Tax Records A Mess?

Annual Tax Mess Organizer For Nail Techs, Manicurists & Salon Owners is a book designed for self-employed individuals who have difficulty keeping track of their expenses during the business year.

How to Tell Your Clients You’re Raising Your Prices

Try one of these three letters to communicate with your clients that you're charging your worth. 

Financial Literacy 101: What Every Nail Tech Should Know

According to NAILS’ Big Book 2015-2016, the ultimate goal of most nail techs is opening a salon. Whether you’re working to make your dreams come true or are looking to stretch your total weekly service income, knowing these finance terms can help you build a lucrative future.  

It’s That Time!

This year Maggie is determined to take her Wednesdays back — among other things.

Would You Work for Bitcoin?

Customers of Metamorphosis Day Spa in Midtown Manhattan can now purchase their services and shop for beauty products using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Emotions Can Hurt Financial Decision-Making

Entrepreneur, business coach, and author Meriflor Toneatto cites five emotions that shape financial decisions.