mother's day

It's a Boy! It's a Girl! Nail Art for Moms-to-Be

New moms announce their bundle of joy on nails.

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Nail Art Studio: Flowers for Mom

Bella Martinelli offers a tutorial for a Mother’s Day design.

Channing Tatum Gives Wife a Magical Mother’s Day Pedicure

The "Magic Mike" star gave his wife the pedicure of our dreams.

Mother's Day Nail Art Using a Calligraphy Pen

Suzie Moskal has fun adding messages on her nails. This video has excellent tips on using gel-polish and a calligraphy pen to create a very personal nail art design.

Celebrating Aging Hands of Moms and Clients

For Mother's Day we pay tribute to the aging hands that cared for us -- and that you see every day at the manicure table.

Following in Mom's Footsteps

It’s not uncommon for nail technicians to have a family member who also shares the same trade. For several of these nail techs, they remember a part of their childhood spent in salons. Whether they initially planned on another profession or knew right away they would follow in their mother’s footsteps, these women share how their mothers played a specific role in finding their way into the nail industry.

Technique Tuesday: Mother’s Day Nail Art

Tailor your nail art offerings this week by dedicating services to moms.

Nail Art Studio: Mother's Day Love

Loni Preato demonstrates Mother's Day Love nail art.

Day 131: Mother's Day Nail Art

These Mother's Day manis show mom's nails some love.

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Zitan Zhang demonstrates how to do Mother’s Day Bouquet Nails.