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Crowdsourcing: How much do you rely on beauty influencers for education and inspiration?

This month we asked nail techs: How much do you rely on beauty influencers for education and inspiration?

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Crowdsourcing: Do you credit people who inspire your work?

This month we asked nail techs: Do you credit people who inspire your work? If so, how?

Crowdsourcing: What Inspires You When You're Feeling Bored or Discouraged at Work?

This month we asked nail techs: What inspires you when you’re feeling bored or discouraged at work?

Young Nails Biz Talk: How to Find Inspiration

Young Nails' Habib Salo discusses where to find nail art inspiration with Greg Salo and Tracey Reierson.

Inspiration Beats Imitation

When clients bring in a photo from Pinterest or Instagram, you can use it as an inspiration and create your own look.

February Cover Artist Ayano Okazawa Inspired by Nature

Kamagaya, Japan-based nail tech Ayano Okazawa took inspiration from the small plants and flowers she often finds growing on the ground when she created this month’s cover.

Referencing Rebecca: Fashion-Inspired Nail Designs

Nail artist Diane Diaz of Chicago definitely takes her inspiration from fashion. She recently made an inspirational photo grid of designer Rebecca Minkoff’s images and then created a design inspired by those fashions.

Cürbar Opens in San Diego

The brand new Cürbar opened March 31 in the Del Sur Town Center in San Diego. The Town Center promises an oasis of entertainment and shopping for local families, which is why Cürbar is an exceptionally family-friendly salon.

Louboutin Nails Using Hard Gels

April Ryan shows how she created Louboutin-inspired nails using traditional hard gel.

NTNA 2014 Pre-Challenge #1: 3-D Music (Yesenia)

Yesenia Oliva (San Luis Obispo, CA) creates a 3-D design on a single nail tip using a variety of nail products based on a "music" theme. "'Music is love in search of a word.' I found this beautiful quote and decided to use it as inspiration for our first challenge. Music is a reminder of memories whether it’s sad or happy ... Sometimes if a certain song comes on the radio it reminds of a certain moment right?  This is what I wanted to show. I wanted to show all the beautiful things that come out thru that speaker that makes us feel so much. I chose gold glitter for the speaker because I wanted to make it stand out more than anything else, with the colored notes out of it.  I decided to make the album coming out of the speaker just to make it fun with a little twist."