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Glitter Glossary

Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common types of glitter.

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Crowdsourcing: How Do You Prevent Coworkers From Swiping Your Supplies?

This month we asked nail techs: How do you prevent coworkers from swiping your supplies?

Nail Supply Store Offers DIY Nail Sessions

Gellipop founder Yuriko Hoshina is an Akzentz and Crystal Culture educator, and she offers a variety of education opportunities for nail techs, but the DIY studio sessions primarily attract non-professionals.

Win It Wednesday: Mr. Nail Art

Update:Two lucky winners will be selected at random to receive an entire box of Mr. Nail Art supplies.

Buying Outside of the Box

Wow your clients and outdo the competition by picking up nail art supplies at unexpected locations.

The Nail Art Boutique Supply Shop

After getting a ton of requests from other nail artists asking where she gets her supplies, nail tech Tashina “Poochie” Green decided to open an online nail art supply shop.

It's So Easy Stripe Rites Nail Art

Whether you’re looking to channel your inner tiger or complete a modern-day Picasso on a nail, It’s So Easy Stripe Rites come in handy.

Swarovski Crystals

En Vogue has a new collection of nail art Swarovski crystals to complement its already popular nail art glitters.

Thumb Palette

LaVaque’s new Thumb Palette is as brilliant as it is simple. It’s a rectangular stainless steel plate that’s connected to an adjustable ring, making it a portable hands-free nail art palette that’s easy to clean.

Peppermint Party Nail Art Pens and Holiday Decals

Cina Pro gets festive with its new Peppermint Party Nail Art Pens and Holiday Decals.