Visiting Atlanta for Data Driven Salon

Executive editor Beth Livesay tours Atlanta.

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My Final Week: I graduated! Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

Let’s continue to shine, continue to spread light, joy and love to all around us! We’ll make a difference one smile, one hug, one nail service at a time!

Week 30: Mock Interviews and the Final Countdown

It’s been such a long journey, from being excited and feeling unstoppable to being tired and exhausted and feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore. Now, every day that passes and I get closer to my graduation date I get more and more energy.

Week 29: I passed my State Board Practical Exam!

It was a really exciting week for me, and I'm starting to see the finish line as I continue to progres.

Week 28: Improving on Giving Myself Acrylics

It was a slow week after the holidays.

Week 27: Holiday Traffic at Nail School

My chair was booked all week! I also got to do some nail art for my daughter.

Week 26: Feeling Torn By My Encroaching Graduation

On one hand I’m so excited to approach the end of this difficult journey, but on the other hand I'm like, "What am I going to do with myself once I'm done?"

Week 25: Setting and Accomplishing Goals

From giving my cosmo classmate a super long sculpted nail with custom art to repairing a nail biter's nails with acyrlics, this week was very successful.

Week 24: Am I Ready for the State Board?

I'm sharpening my skills, building clientelle, and prepping for the big day!

Week 23: Thankful for Nails

Even though the week was short due to Thanksgiving, I managed to fit in a sculpted set for a nail biter, and turn around a pedicure that started on a awkward note.