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How to Build Salon Culture

Young Nails' Habib Salo and business expert Maribel Lara discuss how to build a salon culture that will keep nail techs in your salon.

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Do You Have a Fall-Back Plan?

Having a career that we love has spoiled us all and many do not have a “plan B.”

Bias and Bigotry Don’t Belong in Our Industry

We need to stop the division and show a united front to get the respect we deserve.

My Wheelin’ Life: The Story of a Disabled Nail Tech

“Showing up on a salon's doorstep with a good resume, eager outlook, and great work ethic, but also a wheelchair and oxygen is not the norm,” says nail tech Sue Cook.

The Art of Asking: The Nail Tech’s Guide to Getting What You Want

From minor inconveniences to major requests, learn to ask in a way that yields results.

You Know You’re a Nail Tech If...

Got glitter stuck to your steering wheel? Polish on the dog’s toes? Our dear friend, webmaster Debbie Doerrlamm, compiled these telltale signs you’re a nail tech.

Nail Tech VLog: How I Began in the Nail Industry

Talia S. shares an emotional journey about the trials and tribulations about being in the nail industry.

Nail Techs Turned Advocates

After building successful nail businesses, these techs set their sights on the greater good. From giving Georgia salon professionals a voice in government to raising pedicure safety standards to putting pressure on Connecticut to add a manicurist license, their accomplishments are everyone’s gain. Get inspired and get involved.

The NMC Celebrates Its Fifth Year In Action

A group of veteran nail technicians ask the NMC its stand on vital issues facing today’s nail industry.

Half Time

Maggie is no longer certain nails are in her long-term future.