Create Quicker French and Ombre Gel Extensions With Xtens Nail Tips

Watch as nail tech Tiffany Nguyen uses the Xtens Nail System to apply pre-made French/pink-and-white and French ombre gel nail tips to create quick and easy sculpted-style gel nails. Plus, nail artist Hong Nhung shows a marbleized nail design using gel-polish.

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Buffer Zone Nails Fills Unique Niche

U.K.-based nail tech Leanne Scott specializes in nail tips for the transgender/cross-dressing community.

Fashionable Nail Tips

Clients can wear these tips at any length, and you can apply them without any special equipment, supplies, or mess to clean up.

Tip Jar Pre-Designed Nail Tips Tutorial

The folks at Tip Jar, a manufacturer of stylish pre-designed nail tips, show NAILStv users how to easily and correctly apply the tips to clients' nails.

Sweet Samples

Allure showcases some great nail art samples from Valley in New York City. From flowers to lady bugs and lattice-inspired motifs, the pretty display is the perfect way to show off the salon staff’s impressive nail art skills.

Katy Perry Dishes About On-the-Road Must Haves

Pop star Katy Perry shares all of her favorite on-the-go items with Marie Claire.

Pre-Designed Nail Art Tips

A new batch of nail tips is popping up on trade show floors this year, and they are taking colored and pre-designed nail tips into the new decade.

Airbrush Nail Tips

Ranging from a variety of metallic shades to intricate details and art, Cala’s tips are durable yet flexible to ensure long-lasting wear and comfort.

Rose-Scented Nail Tips

May Queene’s new rose-scented nail tips are sure to be a hit this spring season.

Sweetheart Collection Tips

Whether it’s the dazzle of Super Nova Glitter Tips or the polka-heart pattern of Designer French Tips, your clients will fall in love with Shooting Star’s Sweetheart Collection.