product displays

Let's Take a Shelfie

The term "shelfie" usually refers to an Instagram-worthy photo depicting a colorful bookshelf. However, nail salons can also post the perfect shelfie, consisting of polish, retail, or glitter. Here are some of our favorites.

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Create a Retail Display That Sells in 5 Easy Steps

Anyone can display products in a straight line, but by taking the time to create an engaging display, you will attract customers, entice them to try new products, and ultimately see an increase in sales.

Salon Fanatic Tour 2017

Executive editor Beth Livesay traveled coast to coast touring salons and talking to nail techs. Here are her pictures from the road.

Steal These Service Presentation Ideas

You've put together some luxurious signature services, but do they look as delicious as they feel? Appeal to your clients' sense of visual delight and try some ideas from the following salons' signature services.

Palette Display

This display from Geluv makes showing off your color palette fun and easy.

Ooh La La

This wheel kit from CinaPro features a bevy of charm and color.

Stroke of Marketing Genius

Salon owner Jae'tte Burneo found a clever way to introduce herself and her salon by creating nail art masterpieces based on the business cards of neighboring businesses.

Exhibit A, B, & C: Nail Art Museum and Gallery Installations Continue

Following on the heels of other nail art gallery exhibits, a San Francisco gallery showcased nail art as works of art during January and February.

Clever Nail Art Displays

If you’ve got the nail art talent, flaunt it. These displays get clients talking — and purchasing — nail designs.

How to Make a Shadowbox to Display Your Nail Art

This display will make your nail art look like art fit for a museum.