Don’t Let Gel Smile Lines Get You Down

A few sneaky tricks can make creating gel smile lines easier.

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Suzie Moskal demonstrates the differences between hybrid gels and builder gels, including application.

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Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to extend nails using gel.

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LeChat educator Wendy Valenzuela has a new method for applying larger crystals to nails.

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How to Apply and Remove CND Shellac Luxe

Learn how to apply and remove CND Shellac Luxe, a gel-polish with a 60-second removal time.

How to Apply CND Shellac Luxe Gel-Polish

Heather Reynosa shows how to apply CND Shellac Luxe, a new gel-polish that can be removed in only 60 seconds. See more in the Luxe Loft, sponsored by CND.

How to Apply Gelish Gel-Polish to Natural Nails

Gelish’s Vu Nguyen demonstrates how to apply Gelish to natural nails with a focus on the company's new gel-polish brush.

Shifting Gears: Switching Between Acrylic and Gel Services

Alternating between gel and acrylic services during your busy workday requires refocusing your mind and modifying your technique. Here are some tips to make transitioning between mediums easier.