Do You Really Know What the Eponychium Is?

Watch this video to find out if what you know about nail anatomy is accurate.

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Know the Difference Between the Cuticle, Eponychium, and Pterygium

In this episode of Face to Face, Doug Schoon explains the real difference between the cuticle, eponychium, and pterygium.

Angled Cuticle Pusher

Antoine de Paris #144 Angled Cuticle Pusher features a pterigium remover knife.

Under the Microscope: Pterygium

Pterygium is an adhesion between the skin surrounding the nail and the area under the nail plate.

What Is Pterygium

Pterygium is a medical condition in which the skin grabs onto the nail plate and grows forward as the nails grows out. Nail techs are well positioned to identify this rare disorder in its early stages.

Is it Truly Pterygium?

Most techs will see overgrown cuticles once in awhile. But that fairly common condition can be easily confused with pterygium, a rare nail condition that should not be serviced.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Nail Doctor

Your questions answered! What causes fungus, what to do about brittle nails, and more.

Overgrowth Gone

Removing excess cuticle growth is an essential part of any nail service, Nail technicians have their own preferences as far as what implements and products to use for removing unsightly growth.

The Nail Doctor

The Nail Doctor: Leave Scar Tissue to a Doctor’s Care

Scar tissue on the nails, or pterygium, is not just troublesome cuticle material to be removed. It is sometimes indicative of a medical condition that needs to be treated by a physician.

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