Getting Started With Reflexology

#BFFmel brings you a summary and additional information from our Facebook Live broadcast on reflexology.

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Join Us for a Discussion of Reflexology

Here is your promised reminder for the next FB Live with me and #BFFmel scheduled for this coming Monday, April 9, at 10 a.m. U.S. Central Standard Time.

Reflexology: Healing With Your Touch

Offering deep relaxation and healing, reflexology is a natural addition to a nail tech’s skillset. Experts speak about the technical and business aspects of this alternative therapy and its potential as a nail salon add-on.  

Feet Stand Alone

Foot massage can make a great addition to spa pedicures, but how does it fare as a stand-alone service?

Into Alternative Healing? Try Foot Zone Therapy

We know what you’re thinking. Foot Zone Therapy must just be another name for foot reflexology. Not so, says Kristen Bowen, a Foot Zone Therapy practitioner and instructor based in North Logan, Utah.  

A Study in Bliss: Thai Foot Massage

A component of Thai massage, Thai foot massage was born out of the Ayurvedic medical system in India thousands of years ago.

Sole Love: A Reflexology Primer

Reflexology is a massage technique that is gaining popularity in salons. It differs from traditional massage by releasing pressure points instead of rubbing muscles.   

Estelina's-Relaxology (3C)

Estelina describes Relaxology and shows steps.

Estelina's-Estelina Shows Reflexology (3B)

Estelina explains Reflexology of the hands.

Estelina's-Estelina explains Reflexology (3A)

Estelina further explains reflexology, showing how it correlates to the entire body.