A Simple Scheduling App

The Rendezvous Appointment Book for the iPad presents a simpler way to create and manage appointments.

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My Christmas Wish? More Time

Maggie wants the power to freeze time.

Sleep Deprived in Overdrive

There’s no rest for the weary at Maggie’s salon.

Check the E-mail

Maggie wants her appointment-scheduling software to be more text-friendly.

Too Many Hours in a Day

Maggie gets flack for trying to limit her work hours.

The Schedule Shuffle

Back-to-school means a lot of appointment-switching, but Maggie doesn’t mind.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Ah, the elusive goal of balance. How do we achieve it? Instead of epic goals and aggressive life change, let’s look at what you can do now…today.

Maximizing Your Holiday Income

Wow! What a series about pre-booking we’ve had over the last two months. Just by implementing one of those pre-booking ideas with incentives, you will raise your pre-book percentage. Who has implemented one of the three

Pre-Booking Contest Progress Report

Jill, those are all great ideas to help raise our pre-book percentage. I can’t wait to try some of the other ones out later in the year. We are going with the product-filled gift basket drawing

More Pre-Booking Incentive Ideas

This is the last week of our discussion about pre-booking. My hope is that you have really taken this to heart and taken action after reading our blog. All my posts throughout September and October have