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Week 6: Nail Chemistry, Electricity, and Organization

During week six, we learned about nail product chemistry and the basics of electricity.

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Week 5: Manicures á Trois

During week five, we received another lecture on skin structure, growth, and nutrition and tests on pedicures and nail tips and wraps. A good portion of the week was focused on giving manicures.

Week 4: Pedicures, Skin Care, and More Acrylics

During week four, we had lectures on pedicures and on skin structure, growth, and nutrition.

Feeling Tired and Uninspired at the Salon? Here's How You Can Thrive

Thrive is a call-to-action response to overwhelming evidence of salon professional’s lack of self-care and wellness. Thrive is a response to higher rates of cancers, depression, dermatitis, carpal tunnel, muscle pain and misalignment among salon professionals.

Week 2: Nail Tips and First Tests

This week we had our first written tests (multiple choice) and our first practical (nail tips).

Week 1: Getting Started

I survived my first week of nail school! Well, I assumed that I would. But you never know!

Meet NAILS' new student blogger, Gregory Fletcher

NAILS has a new student blogger! San Diego-based Gregory Fletcher is looking forward to getting into the nail industry after retiring from his first career in the financial services industry

My Final Week: I graduated! Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

Let’s continue to shine, continue to spread light, joy and love to all around us! We’ll make a difference one smile, one hug, one nail service at a time!

Week 30: Mock Interviews and the Final Countdown

It’s been such a long journey, from being excited and feeling unstoppable to being tired and exhausted and feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore. Now, every day that passes and I get closer to my graduation date I get more and more energy.

Week 29: I passed my State Board Practical Exam!

It was a really exciting week for me, and I'm starting to see the finish line as I continue to progres.