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The History of the French Manicure

by NAILS Magazine | February 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered how the French manicure got its name? I did a quick Internet search to see if I could find a definitive answer.


It seems that the exact origins on how the classic pink-and-white-look came to be called “French” are not precisely known.


Orly founder Jeff Pink, is credited with branding the name in America when he used the term on one of his manicure kits in the late ’70s, while others attribute the phrase to Max Factor, the father of modern cosmetics, saying he invented the look back in the 1930s for the fashionistas of Paris.


Some others say the look first occurred even earlier in the late 1800s.


You can check out the articles I found here:

What is known, however, is that this subtle and classy look has become a staple for manicured nails, and has remained the most requested design in nail salons across the world.


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— Tim

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